Covid 19

COVID 19 Help

St Marys Church and the Parish Council have joined forces to form the  'Corona Virus Village Support'.

Please contact us if you need any assistance during this difficult time.

St Marys Pastoral Care Team

Gill Fawcett            01430   810200

Sarah Gaydon        01430   810005

Rev Carol                01430   810604

Community Response Hub (See Covid 19 Help 'tab').
If you need help with medication contact your local pharmacy and they may be able to deliver it.
If you need help getting food get in touch with your local supermarket or retailer and they may be able to deliver to you.
If you already have friends, family, neighbours or volunteers who can help you, you should continue with these arrangements.
If you do not have a support network call (01482) 393919 or email or visit

East Riding of Yorkshire Community Hub Information

ERYC Covid 19 Press Release