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Lockington Village Community Green - Gazette Dec 2020/Jan 2021

The Parish Council have been pressurising ERYC to construct a footpath from the Village to the A-164 Beverley/Driffield Road. Due to cost and budget restrictions, a traditional footpath was not going to happen. But with further detailed discussions the Parish Council have managed to persuade ERYC to construct what is affectionately called a 'TROD'.

A TROD Footpath is a compacted hard-core path with timber edging approximately 1 meter wide.


From the village, the current tarmac footpath will be extended to just past the tree line, then the TROD will be angled at 45 degrees to run along the centre line of the grass bank, all the way along to the A-164.


The drainage system on the East side of Station Road will be repaired/replaced as necessary. The 'Grips' on the West side of Station Road will be cleaned out to maximise surface water removal from the carriageway.


There will be four passing places constructed from tarmac to prevent vehicles mounting the new footpath ('Passing Place’ signs will also be erected).

This work is in the budget for the financial year April 2020/21. At this stage we are not sure how Covid 19 will affect the plan.