Emergency Plans




All major emergencies (road accidents, fires, severe weather, flooding, medical emergencies) are dealt with by the Emergency Services, Local Authorities, Health Agencies, Utility Companies and Voluntary Agencies in a combined and coordinated response.

It is highly unlikely that we, as Lockington Parish Council would ever need to get involved.

ERYC and other responding organisations have emergency plans in place for larger events that stretch the resources of the emergency services and affect large numbers of people, environment and/or local infrastructure.

Lockington Parish Council has an Emergency Plan (link above at the top of the page) and any participation would be on a purely voluntary basis.

It should also be recognised that Lockington Parish Council is not an emergency service, we are not be trained, equipped, empowered or resourced to carry out the functions of an emergency service. The response should generally be confined to looking after the welfare of people in the community or helping to maintain the infrastructure.

The information contained in this document is for guidance only. The Parish Council acknowledges that ERYC shall not have any liability, either under this Guidance or otherwise, in respect of the provision of services or for any actions or omissions by the Parish Council in any emergency situation.

The suitability of the application of the Guidance by the Parish Council to perform the services shall be entirely for the Parish Council to determine.

This Guidance does not constitute legal advice in relation to emergency planning.